We’ve been bringing the best quality medical and non-medical scrubs to the state of New York from our location in Nyack, NY. We’ve brought the medical community our outstanding selection of everything from scrubs to footwear to even lab coats and equipment since 2004.

We carry a ton of excellent and comfortable brands such as Avia, Cherokee Medical, Koi, and Tooniforms so that every nurse and doctor in the state has a wide range of choices to choose from. We understand that working in the medical field means you live in your uniform, so why not be comfortable. We love being able to provide the best selection of brands both online and in-store at our brick and mortar location.

We love being able to build relationships with the medical communities around us, as well as the regular people looking for comfortable shoes or scrubs to wear at home. Understanding the joy that comes from serving in the hectic lifestyle of the medical field is what continues to drive us forward in selling the best scrubs and equipment needed.