Many people often worry about whether their medical scrubs are safe and sanitized after a simple wash. If you’re curious about the best way to wash and disinfect you scrubs, continue reading this month’s blog!


When you work in the medical field, your scrubs are going to be exposed to quite a few different types of bacteria and viral infections. It can be worrisome when you have to come home and be around others with your soiled scrubs in tow. The most important thing to remember is that you aren’t likely to catch an infectious disease by simply touching the soiled scrubs. However, it is important they stay away from your face and that you wash your hands properly before touching your face. If you or someone you live with is immune compromised, you should also take extra precaution and disinfect areas where your soiled scrubs may have touched. 

Once you throw them in your washer and get the cycle started, the best way to ensure your scrubs are disinfected is by adding chlorine bleach to the wash. It is important to note that the bleach shouldn’t come into direct contact with the scrubs, but instead be mixed in with the water. If your scrubs are colored and you are afraid of ruining the pattern or shade, you can use pine oil. Be sure to use it in the same manner as the bleach; add it to the water not directly on the scrubs. It is important to remember that for pine oil, it needs to be at least 80%; don’t over dilute it. 


Disinfecting your scrubs and properly washing them is an important part of your duty in the medical field. Not only is it important for you to maintain workplace duties, but also it is good for those who you live with. If you need some reliable and durable medical scrubs, be sure to check out Scrubs Nyackfor all your needs!