Most medical professionals work on their feet for eight to twelve hours a day, oftentimes even longer. To break up some of the monotony of everyday work life and its related attire it’s important for these employees to find increased opportunities to have fun and enjoy their time at work however they can manage to. Below we discuss a few fun and practical ways for medical professionals to switch up their go-to hairstyle and accessories at work.

Professional Hair Styles

For men and women working in the medical field it’s not only important to protect hair from being directly exposed to workplace germs and hazards, but to also protect patients and coworkers from the same. One of the best hairstyles for ensuring hairs are neatly tucked away is braids. From French braids to cornrows braids are great options for both men and women working in the medical field.

Sky high, tightly wrapped buns are also a great option for those with particularly long hair. Not only does this hairstyle look very professional and intentional, it also works wonderfully to keep hair as far away from your work space as possible.


A great thing about most hair accessories are that they were first created for functional purposes, but have stood the test of time for stylish purposes too! From chunky and colorful hair clips to thick banded headbands and scrunchies, medical professionals stuck in a hair rut have plentiful options to explore when wanting to switch up their everyday look.

Since the pandemic the most popular go-to hair accessories for medical professionals have been scrub caps. Scrub caps work to protect the hair from coming into contact with workplace contaminants, but also provide an additional opportunity for some additional excitement with fun and festive patterns and colors.

Final Thoughts

Essential workers in the medical field should strive to acquire work clothes and accessories that are comfortable, functional, and also inspire fun in the workplace. For patterned scrub caps, scrub tops, lab coats, footwear and more visit Scrubs Nyack in Nyack, NY for a selection of featured brands and products you will love. Or you can shop our scrub and medical accessory shop online by clicking the link here.