The most prevalent animal to show up in a veterinary exam in the United States is a dog, where 46.3 million households own a dog! For veterinarians, it is essential to choose the right scrubs to work with animals. Most vets work overtime to make sure families’ pets are safe. When a vet works on animals, they need a uniform that will feel comfortable throughout the shift. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best veterinary scrubs for the job.

  1. Material

The scrub material changes everything from comfortability to the durability of a vet’s uniform. Selecting elastic scrubs allows veterinarians to bend, stretch, and dash during emergencies. There will not be any uncomfortable tugging or ripping. Scrubs with a low amount of spandex can help a lot during work hours. Various manufacturers offer scrubs with moisture-wicking and soil-release properties keeping the scrubs dry and comfortable, especially when things get frantic.  

  • Fitting

It’s essential to wear well-fitting scrubs to feel comfortable and unrestricted. There are options for all body types and sizes, including extra small to plus sizes. Scrubs come in fashionable styles for a more contemporary uniform, as well as classic and traditional looks.

  • Brand Name

Barco One Wellness invents scrubs with a state-of-the-art technology called Quick Shed, allowing animal hair to fall off the scrub uniform easily. Barco One scrubs are known for their high-quality and durable scrubs, and they are a top pick for most veterinarians. 


The best scrubs need to be flexible, durable, and comfortable when any situation arises. If you are a veterinarian who needs scrubs, Scrubs Nyack is the place to go. You can shop for countless scrubs, including brands names like Barco One. Order a pair today by visiting our website!