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Advantages of Buying Medical Scrubs Online

All, if not most professionals in the medical field wear scrubs. From doctors, to nurses, and other medical staff, they all have more than a few pairs of uniforms to get through their workweek. With such varying work hours and long shifts, it can be hard to make time and shop for your next pair of scrubs. Now we understand that shopping in person can be therapeutic, and we are not discouraging it at all, but there are many advantages to buying medical scrubs online, read along as we share a few benefits.


There are so many options when it comes to medical scrubs. Retail stores do not always have the space to display a variety of options, which is why it is beneficial to shop online. You are more likely to find your favorite styles and sizes online. Online retails have the ability to offer a wider selection of scrubs that a brick & motor can.


Online shopping is a convenience now more than ever. With the pandemic we are currently facing, many want to avoid big crowds and long lines. Skip the line and potential exposure by purchasing your favorite scrubs online. Not only is it convenient due to the pandemic, but it’s convenient when working varying hours and long shifts.


Online shopping can help you save money, not only on gas, but on your purchases too! Often times, online stores have special sales and discounts that are exclusively online. Save a couple of bucks while exploring new styles that bring you comfort! Here at Scrubs Nyack we are proud to be able to provide for our customers at our store and online as well! We offer a variety of fashionable and durable options at prices that don’t break the bank. Shop our wonderful options and stay on top of our latest sales by visiting us online at your convenience.

Essential Self-Care for Health-Care Workers

Health-care providers have been at the forefront of the pandemic, working around the clock to care for those in need. Aside from their work expectations and demands, they are balancing family and personal needs as well. If you are a health-care worker, we all appreciate you! Your job has saved so many lives and have brought peace and comfort to those battling all types of illnesses and medical needs.  With such demanding occupations, it is necessary for you to take time to yourself and care for your own needs as well. Read along as we discuss a few ways you can self-care during this challenging time.

Practice self-compassion

Self-compassion might be a foreign concept for some people, but nonetheless it is a necessity especially during these turbulent times. By practicing self-compassion, you are helping improve your overall well-being.  As explained in Psychology Today, people who have self-compassion also have greater social connectedness, emotional intelligence, happiness, and overall life satisfaction. Your job can bring about stresses that change your mood and affect your overall well-being. Take a minute to remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and admire all that you have accomplished. Practice mindfulness and always remember that you are not alone.


You’d be surprised just how effective breathing techniques can be during stressful moments. Take a moment to take low and deep breaths, this will help you calm down and center yourself. Try mindful breathing techniques several times a day, before your shift begins, before a patient visit, and once your off as well.

Good Health Habits

The increase in job demands along with stress can take a hit on your health habits. Get back on track by taking homemade lunches to work, reduce alcohol consumptions, and prioritize your sleeping schedule.


Engage in social contact with friends and family through FaceTime, phone conversations, or zoom. Staying connected with those you love brings emotional support and quality time well spent. You need time with others to simply vent and catch up on the latest topics, which can help you feel more at ease and grounded. These small changes to your routine can improve your overall mood and protect your mental health during this pandemic.  We hope that this has motivated you to take some time to yourself and do things that can help make your workday flow easier and keep your spirits bright. Scrubs Nyack is here to provide all health-care workers with comfortable and affordable options on all things scrubs! Learn more about us here.

Finding the Best Scrub Top

For many nurses and medical professionals in the field, scrubs are essential for the job. They are worn primarily to protect nurses from contaminants and help identify bodily fluids if they come in contact. Scrubs are also more clean and comfortable than normal clothing, as they are meant to be easy to wash and can be replaced at any time. So if you’re in the market for a new scrub top, follow along in our blog to find out which one’s are best for you!


Scrubs are designed for men and women, with some options for unisex scrubs too. Men’s tops are generally boxy and loose fitting clothing while women’s tops are tailored and slimming. Moreover, unisex scrubs meet in the middle with a basic shape that’s meant to fit everyone. If you are looking for a top to complement your physique, choose a shape to accommodate your sizing.


Nurses are constantly moving around, which means the fabric they wear needs to be breathable and comfortable. Start by searching for scrubs with a cotton/polyester blend. This material is good for movement, easy to wash, and won’t cause irritation to the skin when wet or sweaty. It’s also a plus when the fabric is easy to iron too.


Nurses have to bend down, squat, reach over, and grab things in a rush. To stay on track during a shift, a performance top that can handle all of these movements is beneficial. A couple of things to look for in a scrubs shirt is lightweight fabric and stretchy material. Of course, you want to get as much use out of your scrub top as possible, so try on a couple of options before making a decision.


Find the best selection of scrubs at Scrubs Nyack. We have the scrubs you are looking for, no matter what medical professional you’re in. Come and visit our store location for amazing deals on brand name scrubs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How Often Do Medical Scrubs Need to Be Replaced?

If you are a professional working in the medical industry, you have a very good understanding of the importance of quality and quantity of scrubs. Your clinical uniform protects you from chemicals and body fluids that you come in contact with during your work. On top of substance exposure, you also have to consider comfort and wear & tear. Sadly, no pair of scrubs lasts forever, but how often do medical scrubs need to be replaced? Read along as we discuss this topic and some tips on how to make them last longer.


How often you replace your scrubs depends on the quality of the scrubs you purchase, and how often you use them. When shopping for scrubs, the better the quality that you invest in, the better their durability. The medical industry is an enduring field, and if you do not invest in good-quality scrubs, you will find yourself replacing them a lot more often.  

Look for the signs

The medical field is demanding, and if scrubs are part of your uniform, you’ll be able to notice the need for a replacement. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as rips or loose seams. Medicals scrubs are not only a uniform; they were designed to keep your skin safe from substances you come in contact with that can be hazardous. Once your scrubs have a lot of wear and tear, or rips, they lose their protective effect, leading to having them replaced.

If you are in search of your next pair of scrubs that are durable and comfortable, look no further than Scrubs Nyack. Our in-person store and online shop provide you with a variety of options based on your style and budget. From Top-brands to our affordable options, there is something here for all medical workers!

Shopping for a Lab Coat

Essentially everyone working in the medical industry is required to wear scrubs and lab coats on a daily basis as a part of their uniform. From dental hygienists to pharmacy technicians and surgeons, scrubs and lab coats are not only essential but highly functional. In this month’s blog post we are going to discuss the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a new lab coat.


The length of a lab coat is important for function as well as appearance. Long lab coats are preferred among those who spend most of their days upright, standing, or walking, though it usually comes down to the preference of the physician or their employer. As a common standard, lab coats for men and women will come in a selection of lengths varying from 28”-40”.


Protective benefits aside, lab coats owe much of their functionality to their pockets. Beneath most lab coats are clinicians sporting pocket-less scrubs or professional business attire, neither of which are optimal for storing pens, prescription pads, and other preferred tools. Many lab coats available today even have pockets perfectly designed to carry their digital tablets, an increasingly used resource among medical fields today.


The last but certainly not the least important factor to keep in mind when shopping for a new lab coat is its material. The preferred material of a lab coat will depend on the job and the work environment it’s used in. According to the UAH, lab coats made of polyester-cotton blends are acceptable where no open flames are present, and lab coats must be made of 100% cotton or flame resistant material where open flames are used.


Finding comfortable and reliable scrubs and lab coats doesn’t have to be difficult when you shop at Scrubs Nyack. Our massive selection has been tried and tested by countless medical experts and curated using the wrinkle resistant, stretchy, and breathable materials that clinicians love. Find the perfect scrubs and lab coats now by visiting our online shop here!

Scrubs Nyack- Featured Brands

Those in the medical field can appreciate a good pair of scrubs. When it comes to shopping for your work-wear, there is more than the color of your scrubs to be considered. One typically takes fit, material, brand, and price into consideration when purchasing medical scrubs. Here at Scrubs Nyack, we take all of this in consideration. As a premier medical scrub store in New York, we like to provide our customers with various options from a variety of brands to best suit their needs. Read along as we highlight a few of our featured brands here at Scrubs Nyack.

Grey’s Anatomy by Barco Scrubs

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs is a staple brand in the world of medical uniforms. Focused on the “real” healthcare professionals, they have perfected the medical scrubs while keeping them affordable and stylish. They have created a variety of personalized brands that offer a special fit. Their Active brand promotes flexibility, while their Impact brand, a modern collection, offers a flawless fit and created with ultimate-stretch fabric.


A favorite for many healthcare workers, Cherokee offers comfort and fashion in their medical uniforms. Cherokee focuses on the needs of healthcare workers, taking job functionality, quality, comfort, and fashion into consideration. You can expect new designs as the seasons change. Find a great selection of Cherokee medical scrubs at our store at great prices.


Making scrubs that people love to wear is Koi’s goal when they established their company. During the establishment of Koi, medical scrubs were not considered fashionable, and the options were skim. As Koi grew, so did their unique and comfortable designs. They offer scrubs that are extremely functional while being fashion forward. They select quality fabric that provides comfort and durability. This unique brand is constantly redesigning and re-engineering their scrubs, you can expect to see their new options at our store!

If you are a healthcare worker in search of fashion forward and functional scrubs, pay a visit to Scrubs Nyack! We carry a great selection of top-brands that deliver functionality, fashionable designs, and comfort. From Grey’s Anatomy to Cherokee and Koi, we offer the best in medical scrubs at affordable prices. Learn more about our store and featured brands by visiting us online.  

Which Professions Wear Medical Scrubs?

From dental assistants to physical therapists, there are a variety of professions in the medical world where scrubs have become the norm. Even though doctors and nurses are known for wearing medical scrubs, many other job fields have adopted them as a uniform too. This attire is comfortable to wear all day, but can also show uniformity in the work place. Learn more about the different types of careers that choose to wear scrubs!

Dental Assistants

When visiting the dentist, patients are usually greeted by a dental assistant. They perform a number of activities such as taking dental X-rays, helping the dentist during treatment, inquiring about the patient’s medical history, and more. Working with many patients during the day, scrubs are preferred in the dental field for mobility to complete tasks and protection from bodily fluids.

Senior Caregivers

Caregivers are always interacting with their senior patients, helping them with daily tasks such as cooking, bathing, and taking medications. Therefore, scrubs are worn for comfort and practicality. In addition, scrubs at the company level ensures that all caregivers are properly dressed for care and are easily recognizable on the job. This uniform may include color-matching tops and pants or polo shirts with the company logo.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists work with patients to improve movement and manage pain with a treatment plan. Some physical therapists may choose to demonstrate exercises which requires a wide of motion. This means the uniform they are wearing can’t be restrictive. Fortunately, scrubs offer more mobility and functionality than normal clothing.


As professionals in the skin care industry, dermatologists work with patients to treat conditions affecting skin, nails, and hair. They perform medical and cosmetic procedures, some of which involve specialty surgeries. To look and feel presentable throughout the day, scrubs and knee-length white lab coats are desirable. Scrubs are resistant to damage and staining, easy to clean, and are still acceptable in a professional setting.


Shop at Scrubs Nyack for men’s and women’s scrubs. With wrinkle-free and easy-care options, our scrubs range is recommended by professionals across all fields. We invite you to visit our store to try on a comfortable and stylish pair of scrubs today. For more medical attire and accessories, please visit our website.

How To Shop For Scrubs

As a worker in the medical field, it is extremely important that you feel your best every time you start your shift. The first step to feeling you best, is by having a great pair of scrubs. Continue to read this month’s blog to learn more about how to find the right pair of scrubs for you!


One of the most important part of finding the perfect pair of scrubs is by ensuring they fit properly. When trying on scrubs, be sure to really get a feel for them. You need to make sure they aren’t too loose. Loose scrubs will simply get in the way when you are moving quickly. Likewise, ensure the scrubs aren’t too tight. Scrubs that are too tight will be restrictive and limit your mobility. Another detail to look for is whether or not the scrubs are unisex or specially for male and female. A unisex scrub will be more boxy and pretty basic. For a female, you may find the scrub top has a little more shaping to it. Depending on what you’re comfortable with and what fits you best, either options are fine! The length of your scrub top also matters. It should reach the top of your hip region, to ensure that if you lift your arms up, you won’t expose your midsection. Keep this in mind for the neck section. You don’t want it to be too loose when bending down or over. 


The other important aspect to keep in mind is material. In order to get a durable scrub set for a fair price, you should make sure the fabric is suitable. Always make sure the fabric is soft and comfortable. You will be working long shifts in these scrubs, but ensuring you are comfortable is important. Beyond that, you should make sure the scrubs are stain-resistant. You never know what you might come in contact with. You don’t want to ruin a good pair of scrubs by being unable to release a stain from the fabric. On that note, also ensuring the material is antimicrobial is essential. You just never know what might come in contact with your scrubs. Making sure you have the best defense up is important. Another great quality in scrub material is moisture-wicking. If something wet does get on your scrubs, even sweat, you shouldn’t have to finish out your shift drenched. 


It can be difficult shopping for a pair of scrubs you will be spending long hours in. If you are search for the perfect pair of scrubs and are in need of some assistance, allow Scrubs Nyack to help you! 

Personalizing Your Scrubs

Scrubs are a necessity when working in the medical field. But like all other work attire, it is nice to know that medical uniforms can also be personalized to bring out your personality and style. In this blog we will be discussing a few ways that you can personalize your medical scrubs to give your work look a bit more personality, read along!


Embroidery is a great option for you to personalize your uniform while keeping it professional. Everyone at your job might be wearing very similar outfits as you, but embroidering your scrubs will let you stand out. You can add text or graphics, there are plenty of options! Many people opt for their name and job title, others choose a more meaningful date or even a quote. Scrubs Nyack offers embroidery services to give your favorite scrubs that special touch!


No one loves pockets more than someone working in the medical field! Pockets are essential and sometimes two pant pockets are just not enough. Give yourself that extra convenience y adding more pockets to your scrubs so that you can keep all your essentials on you.


Prints are a fun alternative to solid colored scrubs. If you are working in a children’s hospital or with children in general, prints are a fun way to give your scrubs a pop of personality. From cute characters to animal prints, these options will give you a more relaxed look that your patients will appreciate.

We hope that these suggestions encouraged you to give your scrubs a little personalization. Grab a pair of your favorite scrubs from Scrub Nyack and let us embroider your design or lettering of choice! We carry a wide selection of name brand scrubs at affordable prices. Visit our website to view our selection and personalization services.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Medical Scrubs

Many people often worry about whether their medical scrubs are safe and sanitized after a simple wash. If you’re curious about the best way to wash and disinfect you scrubs, continue reading this month’s blog!


When you work in the medical field, your scrubs are going to be exposed to quite a few different types of bacteria and viral infections. It can be worrisome when you have to come home and be around others with your soiled scrubs in tow. The most important thing to remember is that you aren’t likely to catch an infectious disease by simply touching the soiled scrubs. However, it is important they stay away from your face and that you wash your hands properly before touching your face. If you or someone you live with is immune compromised, you should also take extra precaution and disinfect areas where your soiled scrubs may have touched. 

Once you throw them in your washer and get the cycle started, the best way to ensure your scrubs are disinfected is by adding chlorine bleach to the wash. It is important to note that the bleach shouldn’t come into direct contact with the scrubs, but instead be mixed in with the water. If your scrubs are colored and you are afraid of ruining the pattern or shade, you can use pine oil. Be sure to use it in the same manner as the bleach; add it to the water not directly on the scrubs. It is important to remember that for pine oil, it needs to be at least 80%; don’t over dilute it. 


Disinfecting your scrubs and properly washing them is an important part of your duty in the medical field. Not only is it important for you to maintain workplace duties, but also it is good for those who you live with. If you need some reliable and durable medical scrubs, be sure to check out Scrubs Nyackfor all your needs!

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