Medical professionals and other like heroes are exceptionally courageous, brave, and selfless individuals who have a passion for helping. While they often must put others comfort before their own, every medical professional deserves to wear shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and safe. Follow along below as we discuss what to look for when shopping for work shoes for the medical field.


The types of material that shoes are made from is a huge factor to consider when on the hunt for work shoes. A lightweight, breathable shoe is a good idea for those who easily walk several miles in a work day, but easy to clean and spill resistant materials are also highly desirable and effective too.


Anyone who spends a majority of their day on their feet needs proper foot and arch support. Some shoes today are made specifically for working medical professionals and are equipped with luxury features such as memory foam and cooling gel. A cheaper yet effective alternative is to purchase inserts for your existing shoes for added support and comfort.


Whether you work in a dentist office or in an emergency room, spills are far from a rare occurrence. Some work shoes are specially fitted with slip resistant soles that provide the traction necessary to keep workers from slipping or falling. Moisture resistant materials on top of shoes are also helpful for preventing burns from hot or corrosive liquids.

Final Thoughts

Affordable, comfortable and stylish medical uniforms aren’t too hard to find once you know where to look and what to look for. Head to Scrubs Nyack for a huge selection of scrubs, footwear, lab coats, equipment and more from top brands for working medical professionals!