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Uniform Checklist for Nursing Students

Nursing students are held to high expectations and standards now that they are training to become full-fledged nurses. They are expected to maintain professionalism and follow established rules because they are representing their school and program. In this month’s blog, we will discuss the importance of dress codes as well as uniform considerations and guidelines that nursing students must follow.

The Importance of a Dress Code

Dress codes are important because as a nursing student, you are representing your school and work place. Now that you are working in a professional environment, you must always project a professional image around patients and your fellow colleagues. Remember that your appearance will reflect your attitude and by extension, will also reflect the nursing program. Following the established dress code will ensure that orderliness is maintained.

Uniform Considerations

Not all scrubs are made the same and there a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the right pair of scrubs. Of course all nursing students should keep in mind the established dress code when making these considerations and ensuring it is acceptable. Here are some things to consider:

  • Color and print – There are a wide variety of colors and prints available for scrubs. If your color choice isn’t limited by the dress code, then you can choose something a little more unique. Some professional environments prefer that students choose solid colors that match with other fellow students such as blues and greens. If you work in pediatric care or interact mainly with children, scrubs with colorful prints and characters are more inviting. It will make you appear friendlier and allow children to relax in tense medical environments.
  • Pockets – Having pockets can be a huge bonus and make your life much more convenient. It makes your uniform more functional and allows you to carry around pens, medical tools and instruments, and so on.
  • Length and fit – Make sure your measurements are accurate and that your scrubs are comfortably fitted to your body. Ensuring it’s not too long or not too short will prevent any issues from arising, such as snagging on objects or tightness. Ill-fitting uniforms will also make you appear unprofessional.
  • Price – Don’t settle on scrubs that seem cheap. You should keep in mind that your scrubs must be durable enough to withstand stains and frequent washes. It’s always better to have high quality scrubs rather than cheaper scrubs that you have to replace more often.
  • Antimicrobial scrubs – These special scrubs are uniforms created with bacteria-destroying agents infused into the fabric. Their goal is to stop the spread of harmful bacteria between healthcare workers and patients. They also reduce the accumulation of odors and stains.

Other Guidelines

In addition to uniform requirements, nursing students have further guidelines including:

  • No jewelry (large rings, dangling earrings, bracelets, etc.). Although simple and functional watches, wedding bands, and simple post earrings may be acceptable depending on the work place.
  • Neat hairstyles
  • Neatly trimmed breads and mustaches
  • Comfortable, closed footwear that are non-slip
  • Covering visible tattoos
  • Maintaining personal hygiene and not using overpowering perfumes and colognes


As listed above, there are many things to consider and numerous rules to follow when it comes to being a nursing student. Overall, these guidelines are established to ensure everyone’s safety and to maintain an air of professionalism. When you are in need of new scrubs, it’s best to rely on a reputable business to ensure quality. At Scrubs Nyack, we offer a wide range of scrubs in varying colors and styles. Visit our website to browse our latest selections or contact us at (845) 535-3808 for any inquiries.

Things that Don’t Go with Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs are designed to be sanitary and to minimize contamination, so apparel or style choices that counteract these principles don’t belong with clinical outfits. Although such combinations might look fashionable, they have no place at hospitals or any professional medicinal environments. Below are some of the common blunders to avoid.

Unkempt hair

Looking presentable is key when working in the medical field, so hair that has a mind of its own can be particularly upsetting for patients. Being in crisis mode is enough, but seeing a health hazard of tress anywhere near the surgical tools? Your hair could be enough to discredit your judiciousness in the eye of the patient. Putting your long hair in a neat bun or a ponytail goes a long way for signaling professionalism. If you’re a man, remember that chest hair that is exposed or long beards can also come across as unkempt to some.

Accessories and tattoos

Next up on the list is also important, if not more so. Accessories can easily puncture gloves and scrubs and can become an immediate health hazards for hospital or clinical settings. In addition, dangling jewelry can get caught on clothing and injure the wearer as well. Piercings can pose hygiene issues as well as cause some patients’ uneasiness. The same goes for tattoos, as some patients may not share your aesthetic. (One pro tip is to have a handy flesh-colored patch or two nearby for masking those inked spots.)

Too tight or too loose

With a sterile ambience, a medicinal environment can easily feel daunting for patients, but a nurse or clinician who looks controlled yet composed can be an excellent source of relaxation for visitors. Drawstrings are there for a reason, but many male wearers love to wear their pants loosely. The danger is that the pants may roll down inadvertently. Many female workers, on the other hand, often make the mistake of choosing tops that are too tight.


There are many more things that don’t complement scrubs, but with the basics, the rest should be intuitive. The general rules of thumb are: hygiene, professionalism, and presentability. For more questions about scrubs, simply contact Scrubs Nyack today!

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