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Reusing & Recycling Old Scrubs

It’s not a coincidence that nearly all medical professionals have chosen scrubs to be their uniform of choice. Medical scrubs work to protect doctors, nurses, surgeons and other healthcare providers from dangerous substances and contaminants on the job. Due to constant use and cleaning, it’s only a matter of time before scrubs eventually fade in color and acquire holes and stains. Follow along below as we discuss some creative things you can do with your old scrubs and medical uniforms.

First & Foremost

Before you can reuse or recycle scrubs it’s crucial that they have been thoroughly washed and sanitized. For the best tips on how to do this check out our previous posts about disinfecting scrubs and removing the worst types of stains.


Try transforming your old scrubs into something that has a completely different purpose. Cut some into pieces to use as rags when deep cleaning, sew them into a quilt or scrunchies, or use as a dog toy in a friendly game of tug of war.


If the scrubs are in relatively good condition and free of stains, consider donating them to a hospital or medical organization in need. This can help ensure that more of their funding can be allocated to purchasing medical equipment and improving quality of patient care.

Continue Wearing Them!

Who says you can’t keep a few pairs of scrubs to wear while completing messy tasks around the house? Throw on an old pair of scrubs before painting, cleaning, yard work, crafts projects, or washing the dogs. This way you don’t accidentally stain, rip, or ruin your regular clothing whilst completing messy chores.

Final Thoughts

Making the conscious decision to reuse, repurpose, or recycle old scrubs will not only generate more closet space, but it benefits people in need and helps reduce medical waste too! After donating or repurposing your old scrubs be sure to replace them with new, modern, flattering, and affordable options from Scrubs Nyack. We are a leading provider of men’s and women’s scrubs, lab coats, footwear and essential medical equipment in the Nyack, NY community.

The Significance of Lab Coats for Medical & Science Professionals

At the end of the 19th century, white coats distinguish trained physicians from homeopaths, frauds, and quacks. The white jacket became a global symbol for physicians displaying their dedication to medicine and health. However, laboratory coats do have benefits for medical and science professionals when working. In this blog, we will be discussing a few reasons physicians and scientists need to wear lab coats.


            A lab coat offers significant protection from hazardous chemicals, fluids, and substances that can cause harm. The lab coat shields the torso and arms from direct contact with any unforeseen incidents. It protects the clothes underneath from spills, splashes, drops, and more. It is crucial for accidents that happen in the lab or medical room. Therefore, laboratory coats defend a physician or scientist’s life from injury and sickness.

Fire Safety

            Most scientists doing research need to use fire to figure out chemical reactions and understand the world around us. A respectable lab coat is made from 35% polyester and 65% cotton, so the lab coat is flame retardant. Polyester provides resistance to chemicals, and cotton has fire retardant properties that make it easier to maintain a fire.

Cross-Contamination Evasion

            The best part about wearing a lab coat is leaving all the bacteria, germs, and other foreign invaders at the lab or medical room. The only way for cross-contamination to happen is if it is on exposed skin or hands. The lab coat prevents a lot of dangerous substances and objects.

Emergency Removal

            Emergencies require rapid responses. Lab coats come off seamlessly when it comes to perilous situations. Whether the lab coat sleeve catches on fire or an acidic chemical spills on the skin, it is crucial to jump out of the medical attire as effortless and abrupt as possible. Lab coats protect individuals from further harm.

Professional Attire

            Laboratory coats convey a distinct, modest, and professional attire separating individuals within their field. It reinvigorates a sense of seriousness, responsibility, and dedication to the practice of medicine and science. The specialist wears a lab coat to bring trust to the people around them.

Clothing Protection

            Another benefit of lab coats is that they protect the clothes underneath. Laboratory workers, students, researchers, and scientists don’t always have money to buy new clothes every week. A lab coat protects long sleeve button-ups and casual t-shirts. Also, each lab coat can be tailored to an individual’s fit, so it is comfortable and protective clothes.


            Lab coats are essential for medical and science experts to protect them from hazardous chemicals, fires, and more. If you are looking for professional medical wear, Scrubs Nyack sells the best and affordable lab coats. Visit our website today.

Hair Ideas for Medical Professionals

Most medical professionals work on their feet for eight to twelve hours a day, oftentimes even longer. To break up some of the monotony of everyday work life and its related attire it’s important for these employees to find increased opportunities to have fun and enjoy their time at work however they can manage to. Below we discuss a few fun and practical ways for medical professionals to switch up their go-to hairstyle and accessories at work.

Professional Hair Styles

For men and women working in the medical field it’s not only important to protect hair from being directly exposed to workplace germs and hazards, but to also protect patients and coworkers from the same. One of the best hairstyles for ensuring hairs are neatly tucked away is braids. From French braids to cornrows braids are great options for both men and women working in the medical field.

Sky high, tightly wrapped buns are also a great option for those with particularly long hair. Not only does this hairstyle look very professional and intentional, it also works wonderfully to keep hair as far away from your work space as possible.


A great thing about most hair accessories are that they were first created for functional purposes, but have stood the test of time for stylish purposes too! From chunky and colorful hair clips to thick banded headbands and scrunchies, medical professionals stuck in a hair rut have plentiful options to explore when wanting to switch up their everyday look.

Since the pandemic the most popular go-to hair accessories for medical professionals have been scrub caps. Scrub caps work to protect the hair from coming into contact with workplace contaminants, but also provide an additional opportunity for some additional excitement with fun and festive patterns and colors.

Final Thoughts

Essential workers in the medical field should strive to acquire work clothes and accessories that are comfortable, functional, and also inspire fun in the workplace. For patterned scrub caps, scrub tops, lab coats, footwear and more visit Scrubs Nyack in Nyack, NY for a selection of featured brands and products you will love. Or you can shop our scrub and medical accessory shop online by clicking the link here.

How Often Do Medical Scrubs Need to Be Replaced?

If you are a professional working in the medical industry, you have a very good understanding of the importance of quality and quantity of scrubs. Your clinical uniform protects you from chemicals and body fluids that you come in contact with during your work. On top of substance exposure, you also have to consider comfort and wear & tear. Sadly, no pair of scrubs lasts forever, but how often do medical scrubs need to be replaced? Read along as we discuss this topic and some tips on how to make them last longer.


How often you replace your scrubs depends on the quality of the scrubs you purchase, and how often you use them. When shopping for scrubs, the better the quality that you invest in, the better their durability. The medical industry is an enduring field, and if you do not invest in good-quality scrubs, you will find yourself replacing them a lot more often.  

Look for the signs

The medical field is demanding, and if scrubs are part of your uniform, you’ll be able to notice the need for a replacement. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as rips or loose seams. Medicals scrubs are not only a uniform; they were designed to keep your skin safe from substances you come in contact with that can be hazardous. Once your scrubs have a lot of wear and tear, or rips, they lose their protective effect, leading to having them replaced.

If you are in search of your next pair of scrubs that are durable and comfortable, look no further than Scrubs Nyack. Our in-person store and online shop provide you with a variety of options based on your style and budget. From Top-brands to our affordable options, there is something here for all medical workers!

Shopping for a Lab Coat

Essentially everyone working in the medical industry is required to wear scrubs and lab coats on a daily basis as a part of their uniform. From dental hygienists to pharmacy technicians and surgeons, scrubs and lab coats are not only essential but highly functional. In this month’s blog post we are going to discuss the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a new lab coat.


The length of a lab coat is important for function as well as appearance. Long lab coats are preferred among those who spend most of their days upright, standing, or walking, though it usually comes down to the preference of the physician or their employer. As a common standard, lab coats for men and women will come in a selection of lengths varying from 28”-40”.


Protective benefits aside, lab coats owe much of their functionality to their pockets. Beneath most lab coats are clinicians sporting pocket-less scrubs or professional business attire, neither of which are optimal for storing pens, prescription pads, and other preferred tools. Many lab coats available today even have pockets perfectly designed to carry their digital tablets, an increasingly used resource among medical fields today.


The last but certainly not the least important factor to keep in mind when shopping for a new lab coat is its material. The preferred material of a lab coat will depend on the job and the work environment it’s used in. According to the UAH, lab coats made of polyester-cotton blends are acceptable where no open flames are present, and lab coats must be made of 100% cotton or flame resistant material where open flames are used.


Finding comfortable and reliable scrubs and lab coats doesn’t have to be difficult when you shop at Scrubs Nyack. Our massive selection has been tried and tested by countless medical experts and curated using the wrinkle resistant, stretchy, and breathable materials that clinicians love. Find the perfect scrubs and lab coats now by visiting our online shop here!

Scrubs Nyack- Featured Brands

Those in the medical field can appreciate a good pair of scrubs. When it comes to shopping for your work-wear, there is more than the color of your scrubs to be considered. One typically takes fit, material, brand, and price into consideration when purchasing medical scrubs. Here at Scrubs Nyack, we take all of this in consideration. As a premier medical scrub store in New York, we like to provide our customers with various options from a variety of brands to best suit their needs. Read along as we highlight a few of our featured brands here at Scrubs Nyack.

Grey’s Anatomy by Barco Scrubs

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs is a staple brand in the world of medical uniforms. Focused on the “real” healthcare professionals, they have perfected the medical scrubs while keeping them affordable and stylish. They have created a variety of personalized brands that offer a special fit. Their Active brand promotes flexibility, while their Impact brand, a modern collection, offers a flawless fit and created with ultimate-stretch fabric.


A favorite for many healthcare workers, Cherokee offers comfort and fashion in their medical uniforms. Cherokee focuses on the needs of healthcare workers, taking job functionality, quality, comfort, and fashion into consideration. You can expect new designs as the seasons change. Find a great selection of Cherokee medical scrubs at our store at great prices.


Making scrubs that people love to wear is Koi’s goal when they established their company. During the establishment of Koi, medical scrubs were not considered fashionable, and the options were skim. As Koi grew, so did their unique and comfortable designs. They offer scrubs that are extremely functional while being fashion forward. They select quality fabric that provides comfort and durability. This unique brand is constantly redesigning and re-engineering their scrubs, you can expect to see their new options at our store!

If you are a healthcare worker in search of fashion forward and functional scrubs, pay a visit to Scrubs Nyack! We carry a great selection of top-brands that deliver functionality, fashionable designs, and comfort. From Grey’s Anatomy to Cherokee and Koi, we offer the best in medical scrubs at affordable prices. Learn more about our store and featured brands by visiting us online.  

Scrubs Fashion

Those involved in the healthcare industry know how important a good pair of scrubs are for efficiency, comfort, and confidence in the workplace. While you might immediately think of a frumpy nurse when you hear people talking about scrubs, the truth is, there are many new styles and designs to choose from that make your workday much easier. You can also add accessories and other personal touches to your scrubs that will help you stand out and look even better. To learn more about scrub fashion tips, keep reading this blog post.

Fit is Everything

An important thing to know is that scrubs are available in a large variety of cuts, brands, and styles, and it might take some patience while you’re finding the right one for you. Any properly fitting scrub set will instantly flatter your frame and be ready to endure a long work day, so make sure you know your size and measurements prior to purchasing. There is a high likelihood that a set of scrubs you buy will be too long for your legs, which is why you should be ready to take new sets into the tailor for alterations. From v-necks and open collars to scoop necks, the possibilities for style variations are endless.

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Accessories, Please

The best way to personalize your work look is by adding some personal touches that are unique to you. Make sure you are aware of your employer’s guidelines in terms of what types of accessories are allowed versus not allowed. An example of a great addition to your work look is a watch that you love, or a stethoscope charm that you can keep on hand. A lot of workplaces additionally offer embroidering services that will allow you to sport your own name on your scrubs. You can also add fun clips and other details to your hair, to transform a simple bun or ponytail.

Comfortable Shoes

Your shoe choice can become the difference between a productive and bad work day, which is why it is so important to find a pair that you feel comfortable wearing for long periods of time. Most people who work in the healthcare industry select clogs or sneakers that offer significant support to prevent soreness.


Scrubs have the potential to look great every day of the week, and all you need are these simple tips to get you there. When you want to buy a new set of scrubs, make sure you give us at Scrubs Nyack a call. We are ready to help you find beautiful scrubs that will help you showcase your personality and style.

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