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4 Essential Accessories for Medical Professionals

A typical shift for a health care worker is long, stressful, and very active. The last thing that should be crossing their minds while at work is that their shoes aren’t supportive enough or that their tools are inadequate. This month we discuss four nonnegotiable accessories that no medical professional should be without.

Comfortable Footwear

The single most essential accessory for health care workers is comfortable and supportive footwear. In addition to supporting the entire body, these work shoes should be slip resistant, breathable, moisture wicking, and easy to take on and off. Most doctors and nurses have to wear shoes that are lace-free as per their dress code in an effort to reduce germ spreading and workplace injuries.

Compressions Socks

Did you know that standing for long periods of time can cause swollen ankles, varicose veins, foot pain, and even blood clots? Rarely do healthcare workers get to sit for thirty straight minutes throughout their twelve hour shift, making them highly susceptible to these blood pressure related issues. Compression socks are great for improving blood circulation, preventing fluid from building up in the feet and ankles, and are safe for daily use.

Compression Socks for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals – Sockwell


Whether it’s to simply record the time on a form or to track a patients vitals, a reliable watch is possibly every health care workers greatest tool. When shopping for a work watch be sure to get one that’s analog and has a second hand. Your watch should have a strap made out of silicone, plastic, or anything besides fabric as it can get wet, stained, and collect even more germs.

Durable Bag

Due to the medical fields’ notoriously long shifts, most professionals bring various essentials with them to work such as a lunch, change of shoes, purse, reusable water bottle, or book. Utilizing a designated work bag can help save time, minimize the chances of losing something, and protect your things from moisture and dirt.

Final Thoughts

It’s never been more important for healthcare workers to equip themselves with tools that can enhance their performance and wellbeing simultaneously. At Scrubs Nyack in Nyack, NY we strive to provide the highest quality and most convenient accessories, clothing, and tools for those working in the medical community. Head to our website or stop by our store to shop our impressive selection today!

Tips to Help Your Medical Scrubs Last!

There will come a time in your scrubs life where it will begin to fade. This will most likely happen faster than you may think. The last thing you want to do is go out and purchase another pair with the same quality and material. You are going to need to make a change if you want your medical scrubs to last for an extended period of time. In order to keep your new pair at its best, there are certain tips and tricks you are going to need to adhere to. Read on to find out how to keep your medical scrubs at their best all year long.

Start with Pre-Treating New Scrubs

When you purchase your new scrubs you are going to want to set the color into your scrubs, preventing them from fading. This can be accomplished by placing the scrubs into a bowl of water and adding a half cup of vinegar. This will set the color, helping them stay vibrant for an extended period of time. Not only that, but stains will be able to be worked out easily after this treatment.

Wash Separately From Other Laundry

Washing your scrubs and washing your laundry should always be handled separately. The reason behind this is simple, medical scrubs they always need to be washed in scorching hot temperatures. So hot that other clothing may shrink or become damaged. This hot water will thoroughly disinfect your medical scrubs.

Quickly Pre Treat Any Stains You Come Across

When working in the medical field, it can be easy to stain your scrubs and leave it to wash later. If you don’t want to go through a plethora of medical scrubs, you will need to soak your scrubs in a type of stain removal solution. This solution will help get the stain out completely. Some solutions include hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or baking soda. Keeping these handy will ensure your medical scrubs remain stain free.

Regardless of the style of medical scrubs you own, you always want them at their best. The next time you are looking for a new pair that you can count on to last, get in touch with our team at Scrubs Nyack. No matter what you need, we have got you covered.

Scrubs Fashion

Those involved in the healthcare industry know how important a good pair of scrubs are for efficiency, comfort, and confidence in the workplace. While you might immediately think of a frumpy nurse when you hear people talking about scrubs, the truth is, there are many new styles and designs to choose from that make your workday much easier. You can also add accessories and other personal touches to your scrubs that will help you stand out and look even better. To learn more about scrub fashion tips, keep reading this blog post.

Fit is Everything

An important thing to know is that scrubs are available in a large variety of cuts, brands, and styles, and it might take some patience while you’re finding the right one for you. Any properly fitting scrub set will instantly flatter your frame and be ready to endure a long work day, so make sure you know your size and measurements prior to purchasing. There is a high likelihood that a set of scrubs you buy will be too long for your legs, which is why you should be ready to take new sets into the tailor for alterations. From v-necks and open collars to scoop necks, the possibilities for style variations are endless.

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Accessories, Please

The best way to personalize your work look is by adding some personal touches that are unique to you. Make sure you are aware of your employer’s guidelines in terms of what types of accessories are allowed versus not allowed. An example of a great addition to your work look is a watch that you love, or a stethoscope charm that you can keep on hand. A lot of workplaces additionally offer embroidering services that will allow you to sport your own name on your scrubs. You can also add fun clips and other details to your hair, to transform a simple bun or ponytail.

Comfortable Shoes

Your shoe choice can become the difference between a productive and bad work day, which is why it is so important to find a pair that you feel comfortable wearing for long periods of time. Most people who work in the healthcare industry select clogs or sneakers that offer significant support to prevent soreness.


Scrubs have the potential to look great every day of the week, and all you need are these simple tips to get you there. When you want to buy a new set of scrubs, make sure you give us at Scrubs Nyack a call. We are ready to help you find beautiful scrubs that will help you showcase your personality and style.

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