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4 Essential Accessories for Medical Professionals

A typical shift for a health care worker is long, stressful, and very active. The last thing that should be crossing their minds while at work is that their shoes aren’t supportive enough or that their tools are inadequate. This month we discuss four nonnegotiable accessories that no medical professional should be without.

Comfortable Footwear

The single most essential accessory for health care workers is comfortable and supportive footwear. In addition to supporting the entire body, these work shoes should be slip resistant, breathable, moisture wicking, and easy to take on and off. Most doctors and nurses have to wear shoes that are lace-free as per their dress code in an effort to reduce germ spreading and workplace injuries.

Compressions Socks

Did you know that standing for long periods of time can cause swollen ankles, varicose veins, foot pain, and even blood clots? Rarely do healthcare workers get to sit for thirty straight minutes throughout their twelve hour shift, making them highly susceptible to these blood pressure related issues. Compression socks are great for improving blood circulation, preventing fluid from building up in the feet and ankles, and are safe for daily use.

Compression Socks for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals – Sockwell


Whether it’s to simply record the time on a form or to track a patients vitals, a reliable watch is possibly every health care workers greatest tool. When shopping for a work watch be sure to get one that’s analog and has a second hand. Your watch should have a strap made out of silicone, plastic, or anything besides fabric as it can get wet, stained, and collect even more germs.

Durable Bag

Due to the medical fields’ notoriously long shifts, most professionals bring various essentials with them to work such as a lunch, change of shoes, purse, reusable water bottle, or book. Utilizing a designated work bag can help save time, minimize the chances of losing something, and protect your things from moisture and dirt.

Final Thoughts

It’s never been more important for healthcare workers to equip themselves with tools that can enhance their performance and wellbeing simultaneously. At Scrubs Nyack in Nyack, NY we strive to provide the highest quality and most convenient accessories, clothing, and tools for those working in the medical community. Head to our website or stop by our store to shop our impressive selection today!

Reusing & Recycling Old Scrubs

It’s not a coincidence that nearly all medical professionals have chosen scrubs to be their uniform of choice. Medical scrubs work to protect doctors, nurses, surgeons and other healthcare providers from dangerous substances and contaminants on the job. Due to constant use and cleaning, it’s only a matter of time before scrubs eventually fade in color and acquire holes and stains. Follow along below as we discuss some creative things you can do with your old scrubs and medical uniforms.

First & Foremost

Before you can reuse or recycle scrubs it’s crucial that they have been thoroughly washed and sanitized. For the best tips on how to do this check out our previous posts about disinfecting scrubs and removing the worst types of stains.


Try transforming your old scrubs into something that has a completely different purpose. Cut some into pieces to use as rags when deep cleaning, sew them into a quilt or scrunchies, or use as a dog toy in a friendly game of tug of war.


If the scrubs are in relatively good condition and free of stains, consider donating them to a hospital or medical organization in need. This can help ensure that more of their funding can be allocated to purchasing medical equipment and improving quality of patient care.

Continue Wearing Them!

Who says you can’t keep a few pairs of scrubs to wear while completing messy tasks around the house? Throw on an old pair of scrubs before painting, cleaning, yard work, crafts projects, or washing the dogs. This way you don’t accidentally stain, rip, or ruin your regular clothing whilst completing messy chores.

Final Thoughts

Making the conscious decision to reuse, repurpose, or recycle old scrubs will not only generate more closet space, but it benefits people in need and helps reduce medical waste too! After donating or repurposing your old scrubs be sure to replace them with new, modern, flattering, and affordable options from Scrubs Nyack. We are a leading provider of men’s and women’s scrubs, lab coats, footwear and essential medical equipment in the Nyack, NY community.

How to Choose Veterinary Scrubs

The most prevalent animal to show up in a veterinary exam in the United States is a dog, where 46.3 million households own a dog! For veterinarians, it is essential to choose the right scrubs to work with animals. Most vets work overtime to make sure families’ pets are safe. When a vet works on animals, they need a uniform that will feel comfortable throughout the shift. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best veterinary scrubs for the job.

  1. Material

The scrub material changes everything from comfortability to the durability of a vet’s uniform. Selecting elastic scrubs allows veterinarians to bend, stretch, and dash during emergencies. There will not be any uncomfortable tugging or ripping. Scrubs with a low amount of spandex can help a lot during work hours. Various manufacturers offer scrubs with moisture-wicking and soil-release properties keeping the scrubs dry and comfortable, especially when things get frantic.  

  • Fitting

It’s essential to wear well-fitting scrubs to feel comfortable and unrestricted. There are options for all body types and sizes, including extra small to plus sizes. Scrubs come in fashionable styles for a more contemporary uniform, as well as classic and traditional looks.

  • Brand Name

Barco One Wellness invents scrubs with a state-of-the-art technology called Quick Shed, allowing animal hair to fall off the scrub uniform easily. Barco One scrubs are known for their high-quality and durable scrubs, and they are a top pick for most veterinarians. 


The best scrubs need to be flexible, durable, and comfortable when any situation arises. If you are a veterinarian who needs scrubs, Scrubs Nyack is the place to go. You can shop for countless scrubs, including brands names like Barco One. Order a pair today by visiting our website!

Uniform Checklist for Nursing Students

Nursing students are held to high expectations and standards now that they are training to become full-fledged nurses. They are expected to maintain professionalism and follow established rules because they are representing their school and program. In this month’s blog, we will discuss the importance of dress codes as well as uniform considerations and guidelines that nursing students must follow.

The Importance of a Dress Code

Dress codes are important because as a nursing student, you are representing your school and work place. Now that you are working in a professional environment, you must always project a professional image around patients and your fellow colleagues. Remember that your appearance will reflect your attitude and by extension, will also reflect the nursing program. Following the established dress code will ensure that orderliness is maintained.

Uniform Considerations

Not all scrubs are made the same and there a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the right pair of scrubs. Of course all nursing students should keep in mind the established dress code when making these considerations and ensuring it is acceptable. Here are some things to consider:

  • Color and print – There are a wide variety of colors and prints available for scrubs. If your color choice isn’t limited by the dress code, then you can choose something a little more unique. Some professional environments prefer that students choose solid colors that match with other fellow students such as blues and greens. If you work in pediatric care or interact mainly with children, scrubs with colorful prints and characters are more inviting. It will make you appear friendlier and allow children to relax in tense medical environments.
  • Pockets – Having pockets can be a huge bonus and make your life much more convenient. It makes your uniform more functional and allows you to carry around pens, medical tools and instruments, and so on.
  • Length and fit – Make sure your measurements are accurate and that your scrubs are comfortably fitted to your body. Ensuring it’s not too long or not too short will prevent any issues from arising, such as snagging on objects or tightness. Ill-fitting uniforms will also make you appear unprofessional.
  • Price – Don’t settle on scrubs that seem cheap. You should keep in mind that your scrubs must be durable enough to withstand stains and frequent washes. It’s always better to have high quality scrubs rather than cheaper scrubs that you have to replace more often.
  • Antimicrobial scrubs – These special scrubs are uniforms created with bacteria-destroying agents infused into the fabric. Their goal is to stop the spread of harmful bacteria between healthcare workers and patients. They also reduce the accumulation of odors and stains.

Other Guidelines

In addition to uniform requirements, nursing students have further guidelines including:

  • No jewelry (large rings, dangling earrings, bracelets, etc.). Although simple and functional watches, wedding bands, and simple post earrings may be acceptable depending on the work place.
  • Neat hairstyles
  • Neatly trimmed breads and mustaches
  • Comfortable, closed footwear that are non-slip
  • Covering visible tattoos
  • Maintaining personal hygiene and not using overpowering perfumes and colognes


As listed above, there are many things to consider and numerous rules to follow when it comes to being a nursing student. Overall, these guidelines are established to ensure everyone’s safety and to maintain an air of professionalism. When you are in need of new scrubs, it’s best to rely on a reputable business to ensure quality. At Scrubs Nyack, we offer a wide range of scrubs in varying colors and styles. Visit our website to browse our latest selections or contact us at (845) 535-3808 for any inquiries.

How to Remove the Worst Types of Hospital Stains

Every single day front line workers in the medical industry come in to contact with all types of hazardous materials than can easily leave scrubs, lab coats, and shoes severely stained. In this month’s we share the best methods for getting rid of four types of stains medical professionals are all too familiar with.


Blood can be surprisingly easy to remove from scrubs when it’s addressed immediately. Two methods that have proven to be very successful in eliminating blood stains include soaking the scrubs in hydrogen peroxide or rinsing thoroughly with cold water and bath soap. Follow each of these with a normal cycle in the washing machine.


Removing permanent marker from scrubs tends to be a lengthier process. You will need rubbing alcohol and a sponge, paper towel, or another type absorbent fabric that the stain can be transferred to. Working on one stain at a time, first blot the rubbing alcohol around the stains and then directly on them. Next, press the scrubs into the sponge or towel, allowing it to absorb some of the alcohol and ink. Repeat this process until the stain is gone and follow with a cycle through the washing machine.


Although it may be tempting, don’t cry over spilled coffee! While the stain is still wet, blot as much of the coffee from your scrubs as possible. Follow this by rinsing the stain with cold water until it runs completely clear and massaging in some laundry detergent until the stain is gone. If that doesn’t work, scrub a small amount of vinegar on the stain with the detergent before giving it a proper wash through the machine.


It’s okay to cry about this one. Start by protecting yourself with a pair of disposable gloves and begin rinsing the fabric under cold water for several minutes. Next, you are going to want to soak the stain for several hours in an enzyme based laundry detergent. Finish up by running the scrubs through the washing machine on the hottest possible temperature setting.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately for most medical professional’s disastrous stains come with the job. If you’ve managed to stain your scrubs beyond help check out Scrubs Nyack’s online store or storefront located in Nyack, NY. They supply countless front line workers with stylish scrubs, lab coats, work shoes and much more!

5 Best Brands for Maternity Scrubs

                Searching for the best maternity brands can be stressful, but these five brands will ensure a comfortable, stylish, and professional attire for medical professionals. Maternity does not have to affect your personality, job, and work attire. Here are our top picks for the best maternity scrubs.

  • Cherokee Core Stretch Work Wear Maternity

As a highly recommended brand, expecting nurses can choose Cherokee’s line of maternity wear. The workday feels more enjoyable for moms-to-be. Oversized and larger scrubs do not give the comfortable and stretchable fit like maternity scrubs.  Also, it can be inconvenient to find the correct sizes for over-sized scrubs, and it may cost a lot of money. The best option for medical professions who are expecting is maternity scrubs.  It is easier to order maternity scrubs from an online site with an easy return policy.

  • Landau Empire Waist Maternity Top

Landau’s no-frills maternity scrub top is the perfect option for those who want non-pregnant-looking scrubs as close as possible. As a top pick, expecting mothers who desire the basics can find this top to suit their needs. Landau’s maternity top brings both comfort and an everyday style for pregnant medical professionals. The bad part is that there are not any bottoms to match. However, other brands complement it.

  • Grey’s Anatomy Mock Wrap Maternity Top

The Grey’s Anatomy Mock Wrap Maternity Top is an appreciable option for Grey wearers. The top looks like a popular fit and still provides coziness to pregnancy.

  • Urbane Ultimate Pleated Front Maternity Top and Flare Leg Pant

In four neutral colors, this scrub top is bow-less. It is giving all the options to get through the last trimesters of expectation. Urbane’s matching flare leg pants are silky smooth, and elastic guaranteeing the workday to be as comfortable as possible. It can be difficult having a maternity bum-featuring bow during a busy day in the clinic or hospital. Choosing this brand can give the medical profession the satisfaction and comfort they need.

  • Dickie’s Gen Flex Mock-Wrap Maternity Scrub Top

Offered in six different colors, the brand sells maternity tops and bottoms to match. Dickies does an exceptional job of making maternity scrub sets. Dickie’s Gen Flex Mock-Wrap Maternity Scrub Top doesn’t put pockets on the bump but gives plenty of pockets on the matching pants.

Looking for the right maternity outfit can be difficult, but these five brands are the best. These brands will make it clear to give comfort, style, and professionalism. At Scrubs Nyack, we are a place where service and relationships always come first. We offer a variety of scrubs for men and women. Also, we sell lab coats, footwear, and equipment for all your needs. Contact us at (845) 535-3808 for your medical needs today!

Finding the Best Scrub Top

For many nurses and medical professionals in the field, scrubs are essential for the job. They are worn primarily to protect nurses from contaminants and help identify bodily fluids if they come in contact. Scrubs are also more clean and comfortable than normal clothing, as they are meant to be easy to wash and can be replaced at any time. So if you’re in the market for a new scrub top, follow along in our blog to find out which one’s are best for you!


Scrubs are designed for men and women, with some options for unisex scrubs too. Men’s tops are generally boxy and loose fitting clothing while women’s tops are tailored and slimming. Moreover, unisex scrubs meet in the middle with a basic shape that’s meant to fit everyone. If you are looking for a top to complement your physique, choose a shape to accommodate your sizing.


Nurses are constantly moving around, which means the fabric they wear needs to be breathable and comfortable. Start by searching for scrubs with a cotton/polyester blend. This material is good for movement, easy to wash, and won’t cause irritation to the skin when wet or sweaty. It’s also a plus when the fabric is easy to iron too.


Nurses have to bend down, squat, reach over, and grab things in a rush. To stay on track during a shift, a performance top that can handle all of these movements is beneficial. A couple of things to look for in a scrubs shirt is lightweight fabric and stretchy material. Of course, you want to get as much use out of your scrub top as possible, so try on a couple of options before making a decision.


Find the best selection of scrubs at Scrubs Nyack. We have the scrubs you are looking for, no matter what medical professional you’re in. Come and visit our store location for amazing deals on brand name scrubs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Shopping for a Lab Coat

Essentially everyone working in the medical industry is required to wear scrubs and lab coats on a daily basis as a part of their uniform. From dental hygienists to pharmacy technicians and surgeons, scrubs and lab coats are not only essential but highly functional. In this month’s blog post we are going to discuss the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a new lab coat.


The length of a lab coat is important for function as well as appearance. Long lab coats are preferred among those who spend most of their days upright, standing, or walking, though it usually comes down to the preference of the physician or their employer. As a common standard, lab coats for men and women will come in a selection of lengths varying from 28”-40”.


Protective benefits aside, lab coats owe much of their functionality to their pockets. Beneath most lab coats are clinicians sporting pocket-less scrubs or professional business attire, neither of which are optimal for storing pens, prescription pads, and other preferred tools. Many lab coats available today even have pockets perfectly designed to carry their digital tablets, an increasingly used resource among medical fields today.


The last but certainly not the least important factor to keep in mind when shopping for a new lab coat is its material. The preferred material of a lab coat will depend on the job and the work environment it’s used in. According to the UAH, lab coats made of polyester-cotton blends are acceptable where no open flames are present, and lab coats must be made of 100% cotton or flame resistant material where open flames are used.


Finding comfortable and reliable scrubs and lab coats doesn’t have to be difficult when you shop at Scrubs Nyack. Our massive selection has been tried and tested by countless medical experts and curated using the wrinkle resistant, stretchy, and breathable materials that clinicians love. Find the perfect scrubs and lab coats now by visiting our online shop here!

Scrubs Nyack- Featured Brands

Those in the medical field can appreciate a good pair of scrubs. When it comes to shopping for your work-wear, there is more than the color of your scrubs to be considered. One typically takes fit, material, brand, and price into consideration when purchasing medical scrubs. Here at Scrubs Nyack, we take all of this in consideration. As a premier medical scrub store in New York, we like to provide our customers with various options from a variety of brands to best suit their needs. Read along as we highlight a few of our featured brands here at Scrubs Nyack.

Grey’s Anatomy by Barco Scrubs

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs is a staple brand in the world of medical uniforms. Focused on the “real” healthcare professionals, they have perfected the medical scrubs while keeping them affordable and stylish. They have created a variety of personalized brands that offer a special fit. Their Active brand promotes flexibility, while their Impact brand, a modern collection, offers a flawless fit and created with ultimate-stretch fabric.


A favorite for many healthcare workers, Cherokee offers comfort and fashion in their medical uniforms. Cherokee focuses on the needs of healthcare workers, taking job functionality, quality, comfort, and fashion into consideration. You can expect new designs as the seasons change. Find a great selection of Cherokee medical scrubs at our store at great prices.


Making scrubs that people love to wear is Koi’s goal when they established their company. During the establishment of Koi, medical scrubs were not considered fashionable, and the options were skim. As Koi grew, so did their unique and comfortable designs. They offer scrubs that are extremely functional while being fashion forward. They select quality fabric that provides comfort and durability. This unique brand is constantly redesigning and re-engineering their scrubs, you can expect to see their new options at our store!

If you are a healthcare worker in search of fashion forward and functional scrubs, pay a visit to Scrubs Nyack! We carry a great selection of top-brands that deliver functionality, fashionable designs, and comfort. From Grey’s Anatomy to Cherokee and Koi, we offer the best in medical scrubs at affordable prices. Learn more about our store and featured brands by visiting us online.  

Which Professions Wear Medical Scrubs?

From dental assistants to physical therapists, there are a variety of professions in the medical world where scrubs have become the norm. Even though doctors and nurses are known for wearing medical scrubs, many other job fields have adopted them as a uniform too. This attire is comfortable to wear all day, but can also show uniformity in the work place. Learn more about the different types of careers that choose to wear scrubs!

Dental Assistants

When visiting the dentist, patients are usually greeted by a dental assistant. They perform a number of activities such as taking dental X-rays, helping the dentist during treatment, inquiring about the patient’s medical history, and more. Working with many patients during the day, scrubs are preferred in the dental field for mobility to complete tasks and protection from bodily fluids.

Senior Caregivers

Caregivers are always interacting with their senior patients, helping them with daily tasks such as cooking, bathing, and taking medications. Therefore, scrubs are worn for comfort and practicality. In addition, scrubs at the company level ensures that all caregivers are properly dressed for care and are easily recognizable on the job. This uniform may include color-matching tops and pants or polo shirts with the company logo.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists work with patients to improve movement and manage pain with a treatment plan. Some physical therapists may choose to demonstrate exercises which requires a wide of motion. This means the uniform they are wearing can’t be restrictive. Fortunately, scrubs offer more mobility and functionality than normal clothing.


As professionals in the skin care industry, dermatologists work with patients to treat conditions affecting skin, nails, and hair. They perform medical and cosmetic procedures, some of which involve specialty surgeries. To look and feel presentable throughout the day, scrubs and knee-length white lab coats are desirable. Scrubs are resistant to damage and staining, easy to clean, and are still acceptable in a professional setting.


Shop at Scrubs Nyack for men’s and women’s scrubs. With wrinkle-free and easy-care options, our scrubs range is recommended by professionals across all fields. We invite you to visit our store to try on a comfortable and stylish pair of scrubs today. For more medical attire and accessories, please visit our website.

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